Here it is; finished! My summer scarf. Okay, let’s be honest: already started last year 🙂 This makes it not a shawl , what I wanted to do at first, but a scarf. A lovely airy scarf for days like now: when the rain falls, and you also can walk into your T-shirt. 
Last year I bought three balls of the yarn in the Action. (Shop in the Netherlands) These were ,of course, now no longer in the collection. Anyway, thereby an appeal was made to my creativity 😉
The pattern is, I think, the most simple pattern of a shawl/ scarf. The drawing on the picture clearly shows how to crochet, to make this scarf. Because the yarn is mixed, it gives a nice effect! I hooked the edge by means ‘the shell stitch’. And last detail: I fixed a large bead at the tip. And you know : I think he has become so cute! And the format is actually very good!
Judge for yourself!
With Love,




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