Free crochet patterns

On this page you will find an overview of the crochet patterns designed and made by zusjeknus.
I hope you like the patterns and I hope you can follow them well in English.
If you have questions about the patterns, I am open to answer your questions.
Via the çontact page you can fill in the contact form and I will answer the question as soon as possible.

On the picture 'Springscarf'
Patterns free scarf
On the picture: baby beanie 'Saar'
Free patterns hat’s
On the picture: 'Shawl Bohemian style'
Free crochet patterns ‘Shawls’
On the picture: Pattern cardigan tullips
Free crocheted patterns ‘cardigans’
On the picture; 'Pattern Louisa'
Free crochet patterns blankets
On the picture: Free crocheted pattern lampshade
Crochet patterns for you’re interior



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