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Hooks on assignment
Can you not crochet? But do you want a nice crocheted item? Send me a message via the contact form below or send an e-mail, then we can discuss the possibilities together!

Maybe you would like to work together or do you have other great ideas for a collaboration? Share your ideas with me and who knows we can together put a fantastic outcome! You can contact me via the email address or via the contact form below.

Guest blogger
Together we are strong! Maybe you would also like to share valuable information about crocheting.
I am open to a lot of possibilities and who knows you also write a guest blog for my blog zusjeknus!
But of course there are so many more ideas to contribute to the blog zusjeknus! I love that!
You can send your ideas via e-mail or via the contact form. Do you have a question, idea, suggestion or anything else you want to share? Please contact me via the contact form.



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