The creator


Marijke, 31 years old and mother of three beautiful girls! When I was still studying for a social worker, I also had to follow handcraft lessons. I can still remember that I usually enabled the help of my classmates. Never thought that I would like to craft, but I love to create and with a hook and yarn there are many possibilities to create!

With yarn and wool there are so many possibilities to decorate the garlands in my live and celebrate life!

When and why 

At the end of August ’12 our oldest daughter came to the world. During that period, I became interested in crocheting. That was not so easy with a little hook, so I bought a big wooden hook size 10 mm and hooked with ‘spaghetti textile yarn’. I thought ‘It is big and therefore clear to me”…

At that time, the big textile yarn helped me to see the stitches well and to master it.

And in the meanwhile I am pretty good with crocheting and share my crochet work on ‘Zusjeknus’


And then a blog

My enthusiasm ensured that I did not finish a lot of crochet work, because yes, I had a new idea what I wanted to start with. That’s why I started a blog. I only write a blog when I finish the project. Not a post with ‘on the go’ crochet work for this blog



In the time that followed, I was inspired by blog posts and beautiful pictures of other hookers (I mean men too) Now that I can better crochet, I find out that I hook easily without a pattern and sometimes I write such a piece and share the pattern on this blog 

Social media


I share my created work through this blog and through social media channels InstagramPinterest and Facebook. I hope to inspire you and many others with my work and especially as a beautiful portfolio for myself.

With love,

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