On 5 September 2014, we get our second daughter. For our new little girl I crochet this super cute hat.

The link to the pattern you find here. This is written in the Netherlands. So i translate it for you!

Round 1:
Hook into a magic ring 12 double crochet
(or hook 2 chains and in the first you hook 12 double crochet.

Round 2:
Hook in each stitch two double crochet = total 24 DC

Round 3
Crochet in every second stitch two double crochet= total 36 DC

Round 4
Crochet in each sixth stitch two double crochet= total 42 DC

Round 5
Crochet in every tenth stitch two double crochet= total 46 DC

Round 6-9
Hook 46 double crochet

Want to make a slightly longer bonnet? Then add one or two rounds of 46 double crochet.

Round 10-12
This is the board. Hook a relief wand.
I do not know wat the translating is of The ‘reliëf’ double crochet.
But you ‘back post the double crochet’(back over from the double crochet from the previous row), and then you hooked the double crochet in the normal way. 

If you also crochet the hat: I like to see other creations. So show it! I get ideas by itself to see creations of others!

The yarn I used is from the brand ‘Drops Paris’. And I jused two shades of pink and the ‘color’ white. The end result you can see on the photo. I’m very happy with it. Especially with what is in the hat 😉

With Love,




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