In the Netherlands, a large wool shop broadcasts a competition every year. If you are good at crocheting you can participate in it and you can win the title CROCHETSTAR’. I watched this program for the first 2 years. I like it, but the year Thessa Kockelkorn participated, I didn’t follow it. I did see a beautiful blanket from the winner…..! A beautiful and colorful Granny Square Blanket. Last year I received a message from the winner, Thessa: her book was out and if I also wanted to participate in the online presentation of her book. Because we were very busy with the purchase of a home and the sale of our own home, I completely forgot to respond! Long story short: the sweet designer sent me the book and now I want to share it with you here too! Take a look what beautiful things I made from the book ‘Winters Haken’. (Winter Crochet)

About two years ago I bought a lot of yarn from the brand ‘Budgetyarn’ at Wolplein. I had the ideaa to make a blanket out of it. And although I made several attempts, I was continuously dissatisfied. Not about the colors, but the ways in which I processed the yarn just didn’t work out well! Do you recognize this?

One of the ideas: all hexagons, I didn’t like the result…


Budgetyarn Acrylic

The yarn I used I bought at Wolplein. I have worn and Washed the scarf a lot and the shawl remains beautiful on me! I can certainly recommend the yarn. It’s especially nice and soft, and I like that when the scarf is around my neck….

I also crocheted a beret from the book and used the same colors as for the shawl; a nice set together. I will describe what you need to crochet this shawl as well.

Size of the Star Shawl

Length: almost 150 cm
Widest part: 80 cm

Star pattern

Used Stitches (US)

  • Half Double Crochet;
  • slip stich (sl. St.);
  • Chain;
  • Picot;
  • Double Crochet (DC);
  • Double Crochet in the back loop;
  • Double Crochet in the front loop;
  • single crochet (SC);
  • single crochet (SC) with a picot;
  • V-stich,

Matching baret

I also crocheted the star hat from the same book, so that I can wear it on very cold days. I used the same three colors and alternated them according to my feeling.


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