Some time ago, my sister-in-law, asked me if I wanted to go to a macrame course -you know, those nice knotted wall hangers that you can buy yourself or make yourself! Well, I certainly thought that was a very nice idea! But on the day that the workshop would be given -you guessed it- I had to work. Because yes, during the weekend, the health care goes on. Now I got the book from Annemarie (Studio Hip en Stip) and I realized that there was a nice wall hanger in it. And that’s what I started first. During a nice walk with the dog – a week after a rather heavy breeze that went through the Netherlands – a sought a beautiful piece of wood, there were enough pieces of wood on the ground. After it was well dried and well brushed, I started with the wall hanger.


to keep a promise

Now I must say that I have promised my sister-in-law. In answer to her question for Macrame, I said that we can also just invent the wheel ourselves. Now my sister-in-law thought that this would be easier for me – and I was so premature to confirm this – and after I would have mastered the macrame, I would be able to explain it to her. Now this promise has also stuck with me. But I thought ‘I’ll start with a crocheted version first’ 🙂

Byclaire yarn:

Between my abundant wool residue, I found this nice color combination. Gray – with a glitter, lilac and anthracite. I really like the color combination. It is color, but again not too much. Something that suits me better: both natural colors and a touch of color. I once got the lilac ball at a party. It is from the brand Byclaire, I eventually twined it, otherwise it was not pretty full, I hooked the wall hanger with needle thickness 5mm. Byclaire also has beautiful sparkle yarn. You can find it here:

First, I did not double-wire the lilac color, but after a few rows I started again. I think this belongs a bit to me; often after a few rounds I am not satisfied, then I start again. Do you have this too?

Crochet macrame

As far as I am concerned, this wall hanger is the ideal solution for the idea of ​​a macrame wall hanger, only then crocheted! Ideal if you do not have the seas of time to master a new manual technique. Well .. a bit then. I tied the fringes at the bottom; So a little Macrame! But yeah. I promised my sister-in-law a l, so who knows, I’m really going to macrame too! 🙂 Can you do macrames? And maybe you have tips for a good site with an explanation? My preference are explanations with movies. Let me know in the comments!!

Pattern wall hanger

The pattern of this wall hanger can be found in the book by Studio Hip en Stip. The book is for sale at This is the link to buy the book itself: (dutch, comming in English to)

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Wat een mooie wandhanger. Heel gaaf. Ik twijfel of ik het boek zal bestellen, ik vind het wel heel kleurrijk. Ben benieuwd naar je volgende project 🙂
    Fijn weekend.


  2. Haha, natuurlijk kun je een wandhanger makkelijk haken! Ik vind hem heel mooi geworden! Macramé dat heb ik ooit eens geprobeerd toen ik jonger was en ik kon er mooie armbandjes mee knopen. Maar verder dan dat is het nooit gekomen. Succes er nog mee 😉

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