It’s already one year ago when I hooked this sweet and lovely cardigan. Last year she regularly had this crocheted cardigan on, but now also. It still fits super, but well that’s the advantage of a cardigan with short sleeves :-)When I took photos of this jacket, I realized that I would like to share them here on my blog. In this way I can tell you which yarn I used and where you can find the pattern to make these sweet cardigans!

In de kleuren groen, blauw..


Yarn- the color apple green

Actually, very nice, my mother-in-law arrived for our 6 years of marriage (last year)with a huge bag of wool. Because the crown on our marriage is truly our beautiful children, I thought it would be fun to make something for our children.
Initially, I did not immediately love the apple green color, but when I started to process it in the jacket, not only my work, but also my appreciation for the apple-green color grew during the hooking process. Especially because it is subtly processed in this cardigan; it is beautiful. There is also a small shimmer in the yarn, very subtle, but certainly visible in the sun!
The yarn is from the brand ‘Schoeller Esslinger’. Something German and I have to say that I have not come across anything where you can buy this yarn; I’m sorry, because I am very pleased with the yarn. The composition of the yarn is 44% cotton, 35% acrylic and 21% polyamid / nylon, the small bits blue was a remnant of Drops PARIS, this is 100%

The pattern- Simply Crochet

Maybe you think ‘hey, I also want to crochet that cardigan’, ‘Where can I buy that pattern?’
I will tell you..! In the (Dutch) Simply Crochet of August / September 04/2015 The pattern in English you can find here

Pattern Ravelry

Crocheted cardigan number two

In my next message I will show you that I made another cardigan with the same pattern.I will show these pictures in my next post…! First enjoy these sweet pictures…!




  1. Hey Marijke,
    Wat een schattig vestje. En wat heb je een mooie dochter zeg, echt een plaatje. De kleurtjes passen mooi bij elkaar en het groen is ontzettend mooi (ik was ook nooit zo van groen, en nu vind ik het mooi haha).
    Fijne avond.

    Lieve groetjes,

    • Wat Lief Emily, dankjewel!
      Ja wat grappig he! Soms moet je even openstaan voor dingen en kun je ze uiteindelijk toch waarderen!
      Ik moet zeggen dat hoe je een kleur verwerkt ook enorm scheelt!


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