For my work, It is handy that I have a keycord to which I can attach my key and card. This way I always have these things ‘on hand’. Otherwise, I’ll quickly lose it. I don’t always find the standard lanyards nice and beautiful. So I decided to crochet one myself. In my stash of yarn I still found beautiful yarn without a purpose. I used this for the keycord.

The only ‘disadvantage’ of the lanyard is that I can’t just loosen it. Actually, I should have taken the tail end of an average lanyard and hooked it through, so I could open and close it on my neck. Now I have to put it all over my head… 🙂


  • Row 1. chain 9, pass it through a card holder/key ring. Close this chain ring with a sl st. 

  • Row 2. chain 1 (this stitch does not count, but is a turning chain) Crochet 6 single crochets.

  • Row 3. Repeat row 2 until you have reached the desired length. (fit it in between around your neck and see for yourself what you find a pleasant length.)


Finally, join the end of your crochet with a sl st in the chain spaces from the beginning of the round. Fasten off the threads and tuck the thread ends. Your keycord is ready.

You can decorate the lanyard with crochet flowers if you wish. You can find the pattern of this flower HERE
Have fun with your lanyard!

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