On September 5, 2014 we were allowed to have our second daughter. We named her Elice (pronounced Alice)
During my pregnancy I got 5 balls of yarn from the brand 'Drops' from a friend. 1 ball of white 1 light blue and 1 dark blue color and therefore the pink shades as shown in the photo.
I crocheted this super cute hat for our little girl.


The pattern can be found on the website of 'Bit of Color' and can be found HERE.
If you also crochet the hat: I always enjoy seeing other creations. So feel free to show! I also get ideas from other people's creations!


As I wrote before, I got the yarn and it is from the brand 'Drops'. 'Drops Paris' 2 shades of pink and a few turns of white. You can see the end result in the photo. I'm very happy with it. Especially with what's in the hat ;-)

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