Earlier I crocheted a blanket for my sister with this stitch. If you like it, you can read it HERE. However, I now crocheted one for my own coming baby. I am calculated at 1 November! And time flies, because ‘suddenly’ I have already arrived at the last trimester of my pregnancy!
This baby blanket is now ready: nice on time so that I can crochet even more. If you want to make this blanket with this format, you can! I tell you how you can crochet this blanket.

At the beginning of this year – I only knew that I was pregnant, I bought -specially for a baby blanket, yarn at Wolplein. I knew that I mainly wanted to work with one color and I wanted something different. For example, I love those orange hues and I love autumn: because of the weather and the colors! And since November 1 is still in the middle of autumn, I can work in all kinds of autumn colors! At that time I did not know what the gender of the baby is, now I do: a girl! But I think this color is very beautiful for our upcoming baby girl!


  • 16 spheres Epic from Yarn and Color.
    Color 024 Chestnut
  • 1 scoop of Epic from Yarn and Color.
    Color 007 Cigar
  • Crochet hook 5 (set up with crochet hook 6 or 5.5)
  • Scissors
  • Stop needle

Dimensions of the blanket:
Length: 90 cm
Width: 80 cm

The stitch pattern is a multiple of 3 stabbing. I used the hook terms from the american english!
Round 1: Make a chain of 120. (120ch.) (More or less, just how large the blanket must be.)The stabbing number divisible by three

Round 2: Crochet 2 double crochet (2 dc) in 3rd chainstitch from the hook. #Skip 2 chainstitch , crochet in the next chainstitch 1 single crochet (1sc) and 2 double crochet (2dc) #
Repeat #-# Finish round with skipping two chainstitch and hook in the last chainstitch one single crochet (1sc). Crochet 2 chainstitch (2ch) ( equal to a single crochet) turn around.

Round 3: Crochet 2 double crochet (2dc) in the first sc (single crochet). #Skip 2 dc (double crochet) , work 1 single crochet (1sc) and 2 double crochet (2dc) in the following single crochet (sc) #
Repeat #-# Finish with 1sc (single crochet) in the top of the 2 chainstitch from previous row. Repeat this row until the desired size . Tie-off.


As a ‘finishing touch’ I also crocheted the same stitch. Pay attention to where you stick on the sides: that there is enough space between the stitch groups, otherwise it will wrinkle / pull.

How did your blanket become? Show me: you can send me an e-mail or tag me on Facebook or Instagram.
You can use the #zusjeknusdesign and / or #zusjeknus on Instagram!

Lots of love,
Marijke @zusjeknus!


  1. Ilse (by-ik.blogpsot.nl) Reply

    De deken is prachtig. Zowel de kleur als de steek. Zo mooi deze eenvoud.
    De steek lijkt erg op de steek die ik gebruikte voor een dekentje. Daar ben ik ook zo blij mee.
    Bedankt voor ‘t delen.
    Je gaat vast nog meer moois haken voor jullie mini-meisje.
    Groet, Ilse

  2. Montse Van zeeland Reply

    Ook ik heb deze mooie deken gemaakt.
    Het is me gelukt.

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