Well what do I have to say..! In my previous post I wrote about it already; the confetti blanket of Annemarie from her book
‘Crochet with Studio Hip and Stip’. This is now my second big project from the book. And I must say, I am very satisfied with the result! I have taken seriously to work on a single project and therefore finished pretty quickly! And actually I liked it!
Read on quickly, then you can also view the result!


Confetti- that’s a party!

With confetti you really have to think of a party… right? And this blanket is in my opinion a party on a couplw of points.

  1. Namely because the granny – which is used as basis for this blanket – has a truly festive character, each dot is a confetti <3
  2. What is also a party for me, is a pattern that you can take with you everywhere – because it crocheted away so nice and easy – but also keeps you interested and therefore does not lose interest. In short, ‘an easy yet challenging pattern’.
    Well at this point too, this confetti granny blanket is a real party!
  3. A true party, is really a party when you can decide the colors of the feast. Because the colors you choose, you have a real ‘party blanket’ in your own colors and so there is again a unique confetti blanket crocheted! Yeah, that’s a  great party!

Interesting facts about my confetti blanket

This blanket has taught me that I can get more rest by focusing on one project. That’s why I have a beautiful blanket after a one month and a half. I said that the blanket would really be for me, but I have already seen that the blanket is also very sweet in the bed of my youngest daughter..! But I said that this blanket would really be for me, because I do not have my own crocheted blanket and now I have this blanket, that is now so past time!
In addition, I think I’m a pretty tight hooker, I hooked this blanket with needle 5.5 and yet this blanket is just a bit shorter as the pattern indicates. I do have one row less in length – total of 80 granny’s – but needle 4.5 is recommended in the pattern. My blanket
is just as large as the pattern indicates and has a length of 147cm.



Do you like this blanket? Maybe you have questions about the thread, I have already written about it in my previous post.
You can find it here.
Blog post about the yarn
Perhaps you have already made this blanket? What do you think of the pattern? Or do you also want to buy the book? You can do this here:


  1. Mooie deken! Het is te zien dat je er met veel plezier aan gewerkt hebt. Ik heb, als het even kan, altijd maar 1 project tegelijk, veel prettiger vind ik. Heb je al bedacht wat je nu gaat haken of ben je al aan een nieuwe creatie begonnen?

  2. Do you recall how many balls of the borgo de Pazzi Pella yarn you used?

    Thank you!

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