It is clear to me again why it is good to have a supply of wool. Because of my love for wool and yarn, I tend to buy a lot of yarn – Not even knowing what I want to hook it up with.
Read on quickly, because I made a start for a crocheted dress; with vintage yarn from the Xenos!







Crocheting a dress

An update on my current project. At the moment I’m working on crocheting a dress. And what he’s already beautiful! A am almost finished! Yet i can not wait to show what little snapshots!
The pattern I use is from the ‘Sandra hook trends’ a crochet magazine in Holland. In this magazine the pattern described under heading a ‘beach dress’. I want to find a nice slip dress, so i can wear it on a normal day.

Yarn @ Xenos

The yarn i bought earlier at the Xenos called ‘vintage’. I find it a bit of a ‘blue jeans’ color. It’s a mélange of white and blue colors. I find it really beautiful and it also hooks pleasant!



Last weekend was a lovely night away to Cadzand. My parents were there on vacation and that was lovley!
On the beach i could shoot pretty pictures from my dress. The light there was gorgeous! For taking pictures is natural light the best light for nice pictures.
This weekend, the dress will definitely be ready. Only then continue searching for a suitably drss so i can show you the end result!
With Love,

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