Because in the cource of time, I have bought a lot of wool, my intention is to thin this stock.
I do this by looking for a pattern matching the wool. Yes, I know … a bit of the turned around world! (blush) But actually nice too! I love the wool anyway and it sends me to certain projects! Like this project! And hey, what a cool result  -If I may be so free to say this-
Do you want to know more about this crocheted dress? Then read this article!

Crochet dress

That moment that you crochet dress is finished … and you think: ‘Yes this is it! I’m so happy with the end result!
Because I bought a lot of wool in the course of time, I have proposed to thin out the stock by looking at a pattern matching the wool. Yes, I know…the little inverted world…(Blush)
The wool I think is anyways nice and send me to certain projects!



This pattern is in the ‘Sandra’s Haaktrends’ number 33, model 19. It is a Dutch Hook magazine. I think when you buy it in the Netherlands, you can make it because there is also a drawing pattern!
The top consists of crocheted squares (granny’s) which are hooked to each other in the
in the shape of a top. Then the skirt is there in the round to determine hooked, the first round has 7 rows, then you must repeat the 3rd t / m the 7th round.


With love,
Zusje Knus



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