Please forgive me if it is not translated perfectly . I only just beginning.
With a lot of fun, the last period i have made this lovely baby blanket. I’m so happy with it and fortunately my sister too. Because now i can finally show off the baby blanket, because the daughter of my sister is born!
 Typical was this stitch processed in a baby cape, found on the blog of “Steek voor Steek”.
This is the link of the baby cape.
I was going to make the baby cape.
But in conversation with my sister we thought that a crib blanket lasts longer .
Then we will be more able to use..!
Here in the Netherlands we have a store called ‘de Zeeman’. There they sell a wool called ‘ soft’ wool. I used this wool three shades in a pastel shade. And three of these colors , I started crocheting together with: bright pink, mint and lilac/purple. The blanket is remarkably light, but all the colors you see again! So sweet and soft!
12 balls soft wool in three soft colors
    • 3 scoops of mint
    • 3 scoops Pink
    • 3 scoops lilac / purple
    • Crochet hook 8mm (set up with hook 10mm)
The stitch pattern is a multiple of 3 stabbing. I used the hook terms from the american english!

Round 1: Make a chain of 93 chainstitch. (93ch.)
(More or less, just how large the blanket must be.)The stabbing number divisible by three

Round 2: Crochet 2 double crochet (2 dc) in 3rd chainstitch from the hook.
#Skip 2 chainstitch , crochet in the next chainstitch 1 single crochet (1sc) and 2 double crochet (2dc) #
Repeat #-# Finish round with skipping two chainstitch and hook in the last chainstitch one single crochet (1sc). Crochet 2 chainstitch (2ch) ( equal to a single crochet) turn around.

Round 3: Crochet 2 double crochet (2dc) in the first sc (single crochet).
#Skip 2 dc (double crochet) , work 1 single crochet (1sc) and 2 double crochet (2dc) in the following single crochet (sc) #
Repeat #-#
Finish with 1sc (single crochet) in the top of the 2 chainstitch from previous row. Repeat this row until the desired size . Tie-off.
As a finishing touch, I also hooked around the same pitch, watch out for yourself where you put on the sides, so that there is enough space between the stabbing groups, otherwise he wrinkling/ pull.
I hope you have as much fun as I had with crocheting this blanket!


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