Are you curious about my story of the second hook party I had? Anyway, I want to show you the beautiful shawl that I got, to make for myself. Not just the scarf! I went home with two bags of wool! Really just too crazy, I got it all for free! Gifted by the woolbrands:
@langyarns_official @stylecraftyarns @katiayarns @borgodepazzi @yarnand colors @byclaire_ and the beautiful @ vanmez11 label



Marion, known at Instagram under the name @tresjolie_liv, who organized this hook party at Wolplein, had a scarf designed for the occasion under the name of ‘scarf and me scarf’. Koen, the name behind the wool brand ‘Yarn and Colors’, has made wool available! In advance we could choose 4 bulbs for the main color and 1 bulb for the edge! When I arrived, my stuff was ready in a box. Also there was hot and cold drinks! In all areas we were taken care of! 



There were two blocks of tables where IG’s were sitting. Very nice to see each other, some for the first time, but also some again. Once in a conversation, we found out that 5 people were “coincidentally” next to each other, who were invited to the pre-party of “Studio Hip en Stip” on November 11th. If you think: we were with some 25 women there and we were right next to each other! We found that a funny coincidence! Delightfully chatted about this coming party and about the amount of books that appear on the market in the past and coming time!

Scarf and me sjaal

And then the scarf! What a easy way to made this beautiful scarf! Love that! Within a week I finished him and a week after the party I enjoyed him by wearing it all day long! I crocheted the pattern with needle 5.5 and the edge with needle 3.5. Something bigger than indicated. Do you like the scarf? You can send a message to Marion through here Instagram account: so you can use this pattern anyou can make your own version!
Instagram Marion

Label bingo

Halfway through the party there was a basket: we had to pull a bite. Joce from ‘@vanmez11’ shared in this creative way, labels that you can confirm on the scarf. The number sat wrapped in a beautifully envelope. Then the number became called and you received a beautiful label, donated by VANMEZ11 

Studio Hip en Stip

As I said, we were together with 5 creatives, who all come to the pre party of Annemarie. In the same week that I had this hook party, I also received this cozy invitation! From Annemarie from ‘Studio Hip en Stip’! After a busy evening at work, this is the most happy, colorful post you can pick up from your mailbox! I look forward to enjoy her book party, having a slightly more intimate club, to have lunch together and of course to crochet with a lot of color! I will keep you informed so that you have a little feeling that you were there too!
But you can also choose to be present at Wolplein on November 11th, from 13:00.
Can we also say ‘hello’ to each other!! 😉  


  1. Dat klinkt als een heel leuk en geslaagd feestje. Prachtige sjaal, die heb je snel gehaakt! Fijne zondag nog!
    Groetjes Lisa

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