Although autumn is already present, I would like to share this crocheted fall leaf with you! I recently bought a new bag and wanted to hook a detail into it. So that was this crocheted autumn leaf! I like to share it with you, you can also hook it if you like it! I used a ball of yarn ‘softfun’ and used crochet hook 5 mm. But to be honest, it does not matter what you use, as long as you make sure that your crochet hook matches the thickness of the yarn. I hooked two autumn leaves and hooked them together and filled them with fiber fill. Enjoy this little project!


  1. Ilse ( Reply

    Wat een mooi herfstblad. Prachtige kleur bij je tas.
    Hier in huis hangt een heel groot gehaakt herfstblad. Jouw exemplaar vind ik ook erg leuk. Ga je patroontje onthouden. Bedankt voor ‘t delen!
    Groet, Ilse

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