So, groceries are done! That gives peace! what a busy time always around Christmas!Although I really enjoy Christmas, I hate the crowds and chaos that seems to arise. So I had to go into the city yesterday. It was not very busy, but the people who walked there, were very busy and rushed… For example, I could not even put anything in my bag or the cashier employee repeated what I had to pay. I got the feeling that I had to wobble..!
-‘peace on earth’- 🙂


Diamonds from JipbyJan

Today is different, got out of bed early and before 10 o’clock in the morning all my groceries are in the house. It was not busy and that helps.
Yesterday evening the final touch to my crocheted Christmas star, or pillow, it is just what fantasy you look at it and what you want with it So you can also make a music mobile: so sweet above a baby cot! After all, Christmas is the feast of the birth of Jesus. The star indicated the place where baby Jesus lay. So this star can be used in so many ways around Christmas, but also outside the Christmas period. I wanted to put a star together with a crocheted ‘diamond’. I used the pattern of JipbyJan as the basis for my star. Here you can find the link to these ‘wiebers’:


Description of the ‘Diamondstar’

  • crochet hook 5mm
  • 3 (color) spheres yarn with a glitter 
  • yarn filling
  • needle
Crochet diamond

Crochet 5 ‘Wiebers’ for each side of the star = 10 Wiebers. Think in advance of what colors you want to use. So I hooked 2 white, 2 pink and 1 gray wieber.


Hook up

When you have 5 diamonds, you can hook them together. You do this by laying them -with the right sides- neatly together and crochet them with a single crochet (US terms) on one side.
(see picture to see which side you are hooking up.)
It is a bit about how you start hooking, but you have to tie off and tie them back together to connect all the diamonds. 

When all the diamonds are stuck, you have a small round in the middle. With the needle you go with the thread -the color were with you also have the diamonds connected- sew this round.
Do this by connecting the points straight to each other with a stitch.. Tie off and then one side of the pillow is ready!

Repeat this one more time so that you have two parts with 5 wiebers.
(see picture below = 1 part with 5 Wiebers)

Connect parts

When you have 2 parts with 5 diamonds, you can hook these two parts around with a single crochet (US terms). You can start filling the star when you halfway with connect the two parts of the star / cushion. Make sure that the filling is well distributed (also in the points) Continue crocheting and continue filling until the end and if it is satisfactorily filled, you can close the cushion


Tightly seal all wire ends. And look at that: a beautiful Christmas star! (Or music mobile -This can also be added during the process- or a baby cushions etc.)

 If I say for myself: The result has become very beautiful, What do you think?

Crochet Christmas tree

Now I had crocheted another nice christmas item. A Christmas tree! With the yarn of Durable Glam. Very nice and beautiful yarn to use! I hooked this Christmas tree twice. One I gave as a present to my oldest sister who turned 38 last week and 1 to my mother-in-law, who is always ready to care for us! I hooked up some chains, so you can hang it on! The pattern I saw once at Corine on her Instagram page. (@Corine_haakt) Last year I asked her the pattern and it was not until this year that I hooked it. She adjusted it slightly. But originally you can find the pattern here:

Pattern crocheted Christmas tree

I wish everyone a lot of great moments in the coming days, I hope you can share it with the people you care for!

With love,


  1. Heel mooi allebei. Die kerstboom ga ik even opslaan, wie weet volgend jaar eens proberen.
    Fijne kerst, en dank je wel voor je leuke berichtjes op mjn blog. Liefs Jeanette.

    • Dankjewel Jeannete,
      Zeker die kerstboom haakt lekker weg: echt een aanrader!

      Graag gedaan hoor!
      Liefs Marijke

  2. Mooi sterkussen, ook sfeervol na de kerst.
    Maar ook het boompje is sfeervol, heel keuk!
    Fijne feestdagen, hopelijk zonder stress en mét veel liefde en warmte.

    • Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie Angélique! Na de stress van het werken nog met kerst, heerlijk in de rust kunnen komen 😉

  3. Emily Boutens Reply

    Wat een leuk kussen. Ik heb nog allemaal van die kleine bolletjes glittergaren, waarvan ik eigenlijk niet weet wat ermee te doen. Leuk idee dus. Staat weer genoteerd. haha.
    Fijne feestdagen <3

    Lieve groetjes,

    • haha, zo inspireren we elkaar he! Leuk om te horen!
      Dankjewel voor je leuke reactie!

      Liefs, Marijke

  4. Ilse ( Reply

    Wat een prachtig kussen!
    Ook het kerdtboompje is erg leuk (onthouden voor volgend jaar ;-)).
    Fijne kerst!
    Groet, Ilse

    • hihi, ja, het is te kort dag om deze voor te feestdagen te kunnen maken!
      Maar goed, nu heb je een heel jaar om hem op tijd af te krijgen! 😉


  5. Supermooi! De ster heb je ook echt in mooie kleuren gehaakt.
    Deze sla ik op voor volgend jaar. Dankjewel voor het uitschrijven van het patroon.
    Fijne kerstdagen!
    Liefs Lisa

    • Die ster is leuk zeg…hoe maak je zo’n wybertje? Ik zie daar nergens een patroon van. Ik wil ook zo’n kussen maken voor in mn camper 😃😃

      • Hoi Lisa!

        Leuk idee voor in de camper! Er zit een link in de artikel en die verwijst naar de website van JipbyJan, ik heb haar patroon van de wieber gebruikt om deze ster te halen!

  6. Herkenbaar wat je schrijft, over winkelen in de kerstdrukte! Zucht! 😉
    Wat een prachtige ster trouwens…
    Fijne feestdagen!!

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