How much fun is this? A crochet lampshade! Several times already seen it on Pinterest. In the bedroom of my parents hangs a lamp with a beautiful crocheted cap and i love that! So often enough, I thought;  ‘I would like this in my house to’!


Crocheted lampshade

In the living room I have a wicker chair and for a long time i wanted a floor lamp that would be best able to bring a little more light. Until now I did not know how and what. When i was visited my brother, my sister in law give birth to a son, i saw a crocheted lampshade: so that was the beginning to started my own design crochet lampshade!


Inspiration on Pinterest

When I walked in the action(a store in Holland) I saw a lamp and thought, ‘yes I’m going to do it, I crochet my own lampshade!”
On pinterest gained some inspiration to see what I wanted for myself. And actually I think it’s nice not to crochet in one color and one stitch, so I chose to use a granny square as the basis for the lampshade.

Crocheted flower cushion

Now I have made last summer a crocheted flower cushion. (This can be read and seen HERE.)
And thought: ‘I’m going to use the same colors as the crochet flower pillow.  



What do you think of the lampshade? It is a first time and I just improvise, I should really do this more often to get it more beautiful and tighter. But I actually think for a improvisation it has become quite nice for a first time 😉

With Love,


  1. Heel mooi, je lampekap. I wist niet dat je ook een blog had, nu wel dus!
    Ik zou je graag gaan volgen via blogger, maar ik zie je gadget om je te volgen nergens staan…. Kijk je dat eens na?
    Fijne groetjes Sofie

  2. Ha Sofie,

    Bedankt voor je lieve reactie. Ik begrijp niet goed dat jij de banner niet kunt zien, gezien ik hem op zowel telefoon als op de PC versie kan zien. Zal het nog eens screenen, maar weet niet goed of dit dus echt aan mij ligt?

    Groetjes Marijke!

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