On June 6 my eldest sister (I have 4) runs her pregnancy to 40 weeks from its fourth child.  Again we are full of expectations! These sister I was first aunt; at that time I was 15 and so happy! Felt so special! Finally, I am just about the youngest, at fifteen I was conscious about the arrival of a baby, than when I was seven Meanwhile, I ‘m almost 27 and I also may close two beautiful daughters in my arms.
With the arrival of this child , I will have eleven cousins!

Handmade with Love

I can still remember that i used for this sister wanted to knit a scarf.
I started, but ended up with more stabbing than i started.It was so demoralizing, so i stopped.
Now i would like to give her something handmade that i’ve actually completed!
This time no scarf, but this beautiful baby blanket! He is completely and i can not wait for our new niece or nephew in the bed underneath this blanket!


The colors I used are appropriate to an owl that she had been present from another sister. Mint green , gray and beige. I used the Katia brand ‘Mississippi 3’. In a way the color gray looks a little pink , but it’s really gray!

The stitch that I have used is called ‘Deep chevrons’ and is described in the book ” Hook Bible’. It took a while before I realized the lurch. Therefore it took quite a while before I could really work on. The reason it took so long was that the work curled up and therefore I thought I was doing it wrong, so I took it out and started again… In that respect, I’ve grown pretty , I do not give up and pull it off and start as often again until I am confident that it is going well!

Anyways I feel that it is better to be started with a bigger needle . Then I set up the first row much easier and lighter.
With the end result I ‘m finally satisfied .
Judge for yourself what you think ! Maybe it inspires you to also crochet a blanket with this pattern!

With love,

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  1. Wat is de afmeting van het dekentje en weet je nog hoeveel bollen je gebruikt hebt?

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