I hooked this cute basket onto the baby’s changing table. It is very sweet! All bath articles in it and that is both beautiful and tidy! I have the mint colored bath articles of the gutch brand ‘Etos’ in it (fine products by the way!) And the changing cover mat I bought from the ‘Hema’ is also in the color mint green, I love the unity I create with it! The chest of drawers is directly behind our bed. Very nice, so I have everything at hand in the first period that the baby sleeps in our room. Especially with night feeding,I do not want to walk around in the house a lot ..!

Pattern crocheted basket

The pattern I have, as I can remember, from Hooked.nl However, I could not find the pattern anymore. If you also want to crochet a commode basket, this is a nice variation
Link to an alternative commode basket: Commodetasje
The version that I made is a stitch in which the nice edge is created. When I come across the pattern again, I will update this article and add the link!

Etos baby bath items

The items in the basket come from the dutch brand ‘Etos’. Besides the fact that they have the familiar baby bath scent, these soft colors of the bottles -mint green- are exactly what I wanted for the small details for the ‘baby room’. Not so much a baby room: just in our bedroom where there is more than enough room to add the atmosphere of a baby room. And I wanted those things in these sweet mint tones!

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