What a great reaction to my previous blog post!
What super nice that you reacted to the message and wanted to participate in the give-away of the nice book by Annemarie from ‘Studio Hip en Stip’! I have already hooked some flags, So I can give away this book in style!


Draw a lot

And then choose a winner..! Well that is not so easy with so many nice and beautiful comments! So I thought: I write everyone who wanted to join me, on a note and put them all in a (crocheted) basket: yes in a crocheted basket, if I do it, I do it in style! so I pull a ticket and well.. who stands on it has won the book!

 Did you not win the book? Then you can of course buy the (dutch) book. Here is the link:


Now I have not worked through all the comments so far and also looked at your blog address. I will do that! This way I can also snuggle up to your blog / website. Please leave your blog address below this message, then others can also look. Always nice to read other blog posts and get inspired!

Crocheted lampshade

Last month I was busy for someone to hook a lampshade. The lady in question can not crochet and via Pinterest she found my crocheted lampshade, which I made last year and through a picture of the lampshade on Pinterest, she came to my website. She asked if I also hooked on assignment. Well actually not really, though often I got the question, only I never did anything with it.
But now I did! The lampshade is almost finished and next week I will tell you all about it in a new blog post. He is very large: 55cm in diameter! A picture for those who have not seen him yet..! You can find the Blog post HERE, then you can also hook one yourself!-Advertise-

‘Vintage’ Chair

Do you see that chair? My husband’s grandmother removed this chair for a new one. He is well lived, but I like that! So since this week I am the owner of this beautiful chair,,! 🙂

Everyone a very nice weekend!
Love, Zusjeknus


  1. Proficiat Margreet!
    Mijn blog: http://www.katkatkatoen.blogspot.be
    En je lampenkap is knap, Marijke!! Ik haak ook bijna nooit in opdracht, omdat ik vooral graag haak waar ik zin in heb en sommige opdrachten ook echt een uitdaging zijn. Maar af en toe doe ik dat wel en dan is het superleuk.
    Geniet van je weekend en van je stoel (alleen al een plezier om naar te kijken)!

    • hihi precies zoals ik er dus ook in sta! Ik krijg er ook echt stress van! Dan ben ik echt bang dat de ander het straks niet mooi vindt!
      Dankjewel lieve Sigrid!

  2. Ik heb thuis ook zo’n stoel, in het zwart, staan. Mooi, hé!
    Leuk voor de winnares, en jij dank je wel voor de kans,
    Groetjes Sofie

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